Welcome to GummyPinkGraphics

Hello! My name is Georgia and I am the creative mind behind the green baby dinosaur you see in my logo. His name is Billy!

What started as a small personal project in 2022 has grown into a brand with which I want to fill the world with positivity and happiness.

Billy the Dinosaur: The Beginning

Billy, the little green oh-so-charismatic dinosaur is the soul of my company. With his infectious laugh and sense of adventure, he has already stolen many hearts. He also really enjoys a good cup of coffee. I try to fill each card with his personality. This means with lots of warmth, fun, humor and a touch of magic.

From cards to dice bags: renewed love for sewing

In 2022 I started drawing and that led to Billy. This whole process made me realize what I had been missing all this time: creating. The golden moment came when my boyfriend needed a dice bag. I've sewn a lot in the past, but I hadn't touched a sewing machine in years. I decided to make one and that renewed my love for sewing.

Innovating with a purpose: Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves

Another problem my boyfriend encountered was finding a suitable bag to transport his mechanical keyboard. It couldn't be too big and it could have some character. A light went on. I realized that there are not many options for functional and stylish sleeves on the market. So I created a mechanical keyboard sleeve that protects his keyboard, but that he can also carry stylishly and easily in his backpack to work.

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    Billy the dinosaur

    Who? Billy! Billy is a little green dinosaur with a big personality. He loves coffee, delicious food and board games. What a wonderful life as my mascot!

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    Product types

    Greeting cards with a nod to board or video games? Check. Dice bags? Check. Mechanical keyboard sleeves? Check.

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    Small business

    Hi! I'm Georgia, the person behind all the products you see on this website. Born and raised in Leuven!

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    Whenever possible, I try to give boxes and packaging materials a second life.