Introducing Our Handcrafted Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves

Are you looking for the perfect companion for your beloved 60% or TKL mechanical keyboard? Look no further – our meticulously crafted keyboard sleeves are here to elevate your typing experience.

Each one of our keyboard sleeves is sewn in our small little studio. These sleeves are designed to provide the utmost protection and style for your mechanical keyboard.

Thoughtful Design:
We understand the importance of organization, which is why we've included a convenient front pocket in every sleeve. It's the ideal spot to stow away your cables!

Silent Closure:
Say goodbye to noisy Velcro closures. Our keyboard carriers feature discreet magnetic snaps, allowing you to open and close your sleeve effortlessly and quietly. It's all about the little things that make a big difference in your daily routine.

Sleek and Stylish:
Our keyboard sleeves are more than just protection; they're a statement of style. With their clean lines and slick design, they complement the aesthetic of your mechanical keyboard flawlessly.

Padded for Everyday Protection:
We've added just the right amount of padding to ensure your keyboard stays safe from scratches and minor bumps. Our sleeves offer a crucial first layer of protection when you toss your keyboard into your backpack or bag. However, please note that while our sleeves provide excellent everyday protection, they are not the same as hard cases. If accidents happen and your keyboard takes a tumble, some damage may occur.

Browse our collection and find the perfect sleeve for your mechanical keyboard.