Why buy greeting cards in this day and age?

“Why buy greeting cards when I can just send an e-mail or text?”

“Who even sends greeting cards anyway?”

You might wonder what the value is of buying greeting cards when digital messages are just a click away. That’s why I want to list a couple of reasons why you should still send out greeting cards to your loved ones and let this tradition not go extinct!

Sentimental value

While I embrace the digital age, I still cherish the tradition of sending out greeting cards. In primary school we even learned how to write and send letters. I wonder if this is something that’s still taught. I remember when we went on a school trip and our only mode of communication with our family was through snail mail. I still have them stored in a keepsakes box. The same with greeting cards that were given to me.  

There is something about handwritten cards that provide a great sentimental value. It’s unique. Some people just sign off with their name, some people just say “Happy Birthday” and some people write long paragraphs of text. Every one of them is unique. It’s like a snapshot in time every time I go through this box. I remember that my parents once gave me a birthday card for my 7th birthday. I liked it so much that the next year I changed the 7 into an 8.

I’ve never thrown one out. Below you can see a small collection of the greeting cards I’ve collected over the years. In real life I have a huge box full of these.

gumypinkgraphics_stack of old greeting cards_blogpost

You can also see it as a timeline of your life. It’s like a history book where you can see what relationships you had at a certain time. In the meantime some people stayed and some people left. But every card brings back a memory of that person. And in my opinion that is a incredibly valuable gift you can receive from a little handwritten card.

It just feels different than when it’s sent digitally. It misses personality.

Personal connection

This one is connected to the first reason. A text message can be sent in 2 seconds and then can easily be copied and sent to a lot of people at the same time.

You could say that time in this day and age is very precious. Nobody really feels special when the same message is sent in a chain email to hundreds of people, but sending handwritten greeting card? That’s another story. Especially when your name is mentioned on it.

Someone took the time of their day to write this special card to you. This means that you mean something to them. The same feeling cannot be conveyed through a text message or an e-mail. Like I said: time in this day and age is very precious. Don’t underestimate the power of sending a greeting card.

Supporting artists

When you purchase a greeting card, you're not just buying a piece of paper; you're acquiring a miniature piece of art. Behind every card is an artist or designer who has poured their creativity and skill into creating something beautiful and meaningful.

There are so many cards to choose from, that there will be definitely something up for your taste. Purchasing cards, especially from local or independent artists (like me!), supports small businesses and contributes to the local economy.

I encourage you to explore the world of greeting cards beyond the supermarket shelf. Visit local craft markets, small boutiques, or online stores dedicated to showcasing independent artists. Look for cards that speak to you, that tell a story or capture a feeling. And when you find them, share them!

Click below to have a look at my collection of greeting cards!

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