Summer is in town

Officially, summer has started. When you step outside, you finally feel like melting. Personally, I’m not a fan of summer, especially when the temperature soars above 25 degrees. You won’t find me on a beach tanning. When I stepped outside today, I felt like Billy the Dinosaur (see below), struggling in the heat.

Complaining about the weather, during any season, is a typical Belgian thing. In the winter, you’ll hear me complaining about how cold it is.😅

But if I had to rank the seasons, it would look like this:

  1. Spring: Just because of strawberry season!
  2. Autumn: The trees' different colors are really calming and beautiful.
  3. Winter: At least when it’s cold, I can just keep adding layers to stay warm.
  4. Summer: …

Whether you’re melting in the summer heat or bundled up in the winter cold, there's always a reason to send a greeting card!

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