Don't forget your Valentine's Day card!

Maybe you have already bought the perfect gift for that special someone or you’re still looking for it. Don’t forget one last important thing: a greeting card! A handwritten card to tell someone how much they mean to you.

If you’re looking for funny, geeky colorful valentine cards, check out my love collection. For example the one below hits very close to home. And I’m certain to most of you as well. The way to my heart is a delicious homemade pizza. A frozen one is ok too on a weeknight 😊.

gummypinkgraphics you've got a pizza my heart valentine love greeting card

Or maybe you’re looking for a more geeky valentines card? What about 2 loving robots looking at each other? If you know the TV program “the masked singer” (Belgium version) I admit I was a bit inspired. Their CPU is even going in overdrive because they are crazy for each other. There’s definitely a spark there!

gummypinkgraphics love you to bits valentine love greeting card

What about a “Weirdough” card for your significant other? We don’t all need to be normal.  We all have our weird wires! Show your partner how much you appreciate them for accepting you just the way you are. 😊

gummypinkgraphics weirdough greeting card valentine love

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