A little about Billy

Let's introduce you to the star of our logo, the one and only Billy. Now, lean in close, but not too close—Billy's a bit sensitive about his identity. You see, while to the untrained eye he might appear dinosaur-esque, Billy's convinced he's a dragon. And who are we to argue? We adore him too much to burst his bubble.

Whenever the topic of fire-breathing comes up, Billy insists, "I'm just a baby dragon, that's all!" with such conviction that you can't help but believe maybe, just maybe, he's onto something. And when the inevitable question of his absent wings arises, he'll tell you, "Patience! They're just taking their sweet time." It's hard not to admire his optimism.

Beyond his dragon aspirations, Billy is pretty much your standard dino... with a twist. The guy's a coffee aficionado. Seriously, he guzzles it down like water, claiming it fuels his fiery (or should I say, caffeinated?) breath. Coffee is his elixir of life.

But Billy's tastes extend beyond the liquid gold. He's quite the gourmet—minus the cooking skills. He'll pass on cilantro, though; claims it tastes like soap. (He's not alone on that one!)

His love for comfort is as big as his personality, always campaigning for yet another fluffy cushion. "More is more," he argues, despite my gentle reminders that we're practically drowning in them.

Oh, and those three spikes adorning his head? Billy's pretty sure they're a sign of royal lineage, a crown bestowed upon him by the universe. It's a bit of a stretch, but in Billy's world, he's nobility.

Sure, Billy might have his delusions of grandeur, but that's part of his charm. His quirks make him who he is, and there's no other dino-dragon I'd rather have gracing our logo. Billy's not just a mascot; he's family. And in this family, we cherish our unique blend of coffee-breathing, cushion-loving royalty, one playful day at a time. <3

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